Our workshops are designed to take curious minds behind the scenes of filmmaking. We dive deep into inner workings of the film medium, covering subjects like Directing, Writing, Acting, Producing, Cinematography and Editing.

Phone Filmmaking


Mayank, the founder of CFF is a big believer in the Phone Filmmaking technology. This workshop is his response to that belief. The workshop covers the technical aspects of a smartphone camera, basics of cinematography and accessorising/ rigging a phone to take professional looking shots.

Intro to Acting


A 3 Day workshop focussed on building self-confidence and cementing a base set of acting skills through improv exercises, scene studies, group experiences and feedback coupled with free reign. It was conducted by Smayan Sahni, a student at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, in NYU.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing2.jpg

Designed to help people get over the frustrations of writer’s block, write eloquently and economically, this workshop had participants from ages 10-40! Topics covered included basic elements of a narrative, character development and setting. It was conducted by Priyanjali Bagaria, a sophomore studying Creative Producing at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts in Los Angeles.

DSLR Guide


This workshop is a perfect match for people who feel intimidated by the several buttons on a DSLR and technology in general. DSLR Guide Workshop eases them into the process of taking a photo. The course covers technical knowhow of a DSLR, basics of composition and  lighting.

Our workshops have been hosted at our HQMakersLoft and Openhouse.



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