Cloud Fondue is an imagined term meant to be equal parts delicious and distinct. At Cloud Fondue Films we strive to create that unique flavour in everything we do.

We are first a film production company and that includes three divisions:

Original Content, where we make original cinematic content
Commissioned Projects, our commercial division
Moonshot Projects, where we tackle bigger stories

Apart from making films we engage with the community through Events and Workshops. Our Events focus on showcasing films made by us, our collaborators and talents from across the world. In our Workshops we take curious minds behind the scenes of filmmaking.

Crew CFF

Crew CFF is the best crew in the world, period. Meet and greet our team!


Mayank Bhutoria
Founder and Owner

CFF is Mayank’s brainchild and he is the child of Pushpa and Navratan Mal Bhutoria. That’s all you need to know about him.


Sruti Lodha

Sruti calls her mum “bum” because it rhymes. Her quirks are next level. And this quirkiness directly feeds into all her creative work.


Maitreya Mer

Maitreya’s pet name is Dikku. Dikku is an avid film photographer and cinematographer extraordinaire. Also, #filmisnotdead


Subhankar Chowdhury

Subhankar aspires to be more silent and still. His pet cat Yuki, can sense when people are arguing and tries to calm them down before things get too hot.


Aman Bhargava
Financial Consultant

Aman is an ace consultant when it comes to matters of finance. He also happens to be an ace consultant on life in general, he is amazing!


Dipen Lodha
Legal Advisor

Dipen or Chotu as he fondly likes being called is our go to guy for all things legal. He also runs an online learning platform. Yes, he is a man of many talents.


Abhishek Chawla
Tech Advisor

Abhishek helps us be relevant on the web. He likes solving tech puzzles, so we might say he is a coder by day and a de-coder by night. Get it? No?


Priyanjali Bagaria
Ex Super Intern

Priyanjali started interning right around the time CFF started and as such she will always be part of our origin story.


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